AC Tune Up Preventive Maintenance

Throughout West Atlanta, Georgia, commercial businesses and residential homes have a dependable and reliable source when it comes to the needs of their HVAC system with New Start Heating and Air. We are completely licensed and insured to provide professional services to the community at an affordable cost. With our technicians being recruited for having advanced training, experience in the industry and remarkable skills, we can ensure quality performance. New Start Heating and Air takes advantage of high-end products and equipment exclusive to licensed professionals to ensure our customers receive nothing less than maximum results. Being locally owned and operated, we prioritize our customers by applying friendly customer service, traditional values, and pride in every service we perform with precision and quality.

Spring & Fall Air Conditioner Tune Ups

The air conditioner unit in the homes and businesses across West Atlanta, Georgia need periodic professional services, including semi-annual air conditioner tune-ups. Throughout the air conditioning season, the unit is hard at work for a greater portion of the day and with so many moving parts, it will experience some wear, lubricants become depleted, and dirt and debris not only builds up on the exterior, but can also accumulate on the interior. With New Start Heating and Air performing an air conditioning tune-up service, your unit can potentially avoid serious malfunction, be kept in optimal condition for efficient performance, and contribute to the extension of its lifespan. Our comprehensive air conditioning tune-up service inspects and assesses the inner workings of the unit and the current functioning efficiency. After the inspection, our experts will clean the debris and dust off the interior and exterior of the units, apply fresh lubricant, tighten any loose hardware, and make proper adjustments where they are needed. If any parts are in need of replacing or repair, the task is carried out accordingly.

What Does an AC Tune Up Include?

New Start Heating and Air of West Atlanta, Georgia commercial and residential air conditioning tune-up general service consists of, but is not limited to the following:
– Air filters – inspected, cleaned or replaced.
– Blower belt’s durability is assessed.
– Condenser coils are thoroughly cleaned and checked for potential issues.
– Condensate trap gets cleaned and inspected.
– Cycling of the unit is performed from the thermostat to ensure efficiency.
– Drain pan and cabinet gets checked and cleaned.
– Electrical wiring, connections, and capacitor output is meticulously inspected for any evidence of wear, poor installation, and additional overall condition and function. Appropriate repairs, adjustments, and replacements are made if there are any issues.
– Fan blades are cleaned and checked for efficiency.
– Lubricants are applied wherever applicable.
– Refrigerant lines, levels, and pressure are inspected to ensure there are no leaks and adequate refrigerant.
– Voltage and amp draw are assessed.

Air Conditioning Tune Up Preventive Maintenance, Emergency AC Repairs & More in Douglasville, Newnan, Dallas, Atlanta & Carrollton GA

Getting your air conditioning unit’s tune-up at the start of the season can help prevent unexpected repairs by catching small issues before they evolve in major problems. After a season of working hard and then laying dormant for the winter, having the professionals from New Start Heating and Air perform an air conditioning unit tune-up on your west Atlanta, Georgia home or business is well worth the investment to avoid costly repairs and the inconvenience of having an inoperable unit. Call New Start Heating and Air today to schedule your air conditioning tune-up.

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