Emergency Furnace Heating Repair Services

New Start Heating and Air is a full service HVAC system contractor, supplying commercial businesses and residential homes in West Atlanta, Georgia with our quality services. We are completely licensed and insured to deliver professional quality work with affordable prices. Our experts are well trained, experienced, and skilled in our industry and can proficiently execute superior quality workmanship on all services rendered while applying friendly customer service and uphold high moral standards and work ethics. New Start Heating and Air utilizes high-end products, tools, and equipment available only to licensed professionals to ensure our values customers receive nothing less premium results.

Furnace Not Turning On? Need for Troubleshooting & Repair

New Start Heating and Air includes furnace repair services for the commercial and residential properties in the Greater West Atlanta, Georgia area. In the middle of winter, on an especially chilly day and frigid evening, no one wants to be without their furnace. Getting it repaired quickly and efficiently is your priority, which makes it ours. At New Start Heating and Air we can repair your furnace’s heat exchanger, burners, fan switch, pilot light, safety control, gas lines, combustion air, flue pipes, panels, safety controls, belts, pulleys, air filters, and perform calibration, testing, and make any necessary adjustments to get your furnace operating at peak performance.

Broken or Malfunctioning Furnaces Are a Leading Cause of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Every year, hundreds of people die and many more are injured from carbon monoxide, the most common household poison. This odorless and invisible poisonous gas comes from several sources but a broken or malfunctioning furnace is the most common source. Carbon monoxide results when there is incomplete combustion of a fossil fuel. This happens when a fuel does not burn correctly or completely such as from a poorly operating burner or cracked heat exchanger. A properly tuned and maintained furnace greatly reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning!

Emergency Furnace Heating Repair Services in Douglasville, Newnan, Dallas, Atlanta & Carrolton Georgia

If your residential home or commercial business’s furnace is not functioning appropriately, New Start Heating and Air can make the necessary repairs as quickly as possible and guarantee the job is done correctly the first time. Call New Start Heating and Air today to get started on your furnace repair.

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