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New Start Heating and Air is locally owned and operated. Having the licensing, certifications, and insurance, we can provide commercial and residential property owners across the Greater West Atlanta, Georgia area with a number of HVAC system services. Our customers are our priority and our greatest asset. Applying our friendly customer service and high values and standards to the services we perform with superior execution will have you relying on New Start Heating and Air as so many do. New Start Heating and Air technicians are more than qualified to conduct our services with the training, experience, and skills they possess. In addition to having the elite on the New Start Heating and Air team, we exclusively utilize high-end products and equipment to ensure our valued customers receive nothing less than maximum results.

How Does a Central Air Conditioning System Work?

New Start Heating and Air includes central air conditioner services for commercial and residential applications in West Atlanta, Georgia. The central air system comprises of the air handler or furnace, often located out of the way such as in basements or attics, air ducts that distributes the conditioned air and the air handler that pushes it through the system. Additionally, the central air conditioning system is equipped with one or multiple thermostats allowing the commercial or residential owner control of the temperatures and operation of the system. With the help of refrigerant, the central air conditioning removes heat from the air, powered by electricity. A series of sequences is put into action when the thermostat is set to signal the air conditioning system to lower the building’s air temperatures. Once the air handler begins the cooling process, air is drawn from different areas of the building through return-air ducts. As the air cycles through, it passes the air filter, where the filter collects tiny airborne contaminants such as lint, dust, hair, debris and microscopic pollutants. After the air passes through the filters and air ducts, clean conditioned air is distributed to the various rooms throughout the home or commercial space.

Main Air Conditioner Components

Every air conditioner unit that is included in the central air system has a number of parts that work in harmony to cool the air; however, the three primary components are the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. Split systems contain the condenser and compressor in the exterior unit and the evaporator is within the indoor air. Packaged systems have all these parts combined in the exterior unit found either on rooftops or on the ground. The outdoor compressor and condenser coil of the central air system cools the building that is connected to the indoor furnace featuring an evaporator coil. The copper tubing that runs between the components circulates the refrigerant that changes from a liquid to a gas and then back to a liquid as it receives and releases the heat in the air. The refrigerant absorbs the heat, transforming it to a vapor as the air handler directs the warm air over it. Moving it through the outdoor coil to jettison the heat, the refrigerant in vapor form, passes it to the compressor to be pressurized. The fan then rapidly dissipates the heat. Passing through the expansion device that returns to the indoor coil, the refrigerant has been converted into a low-pressure, low-temperature liquid. The cycle continues in an effort to ensure your home or business is kept cool and comfortable.

Central AC Repair, Maintenance & More in Douglasville, Newnan, Dallas, Atlanta & Carrollton GA

With so many parts ensuring a smooth and steady process, it is important to have routine maintenance, tune-ups, and inspections performed for your West Atlanta, Georgia home or business. New Start Heating and Air professionals are readily available to perform preventative services to keep your central air operating at peak performance. As the moving parts wear or technical difficulties arise, New Start Heating and Air can quickly respond to make the necessary repairs and get your home or business back to comfortable conditions. Call New Start Heating and Air today for your commercial and residential central air system services.

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