Air Conditioner Dripping Water? How to Stop Water Leakage from Your AC in Douglasville, GA

Now that the summer is in full effect the heat outside often becomes unbearable. That means that more and more people are switching on their AC and running it night and day. The heat is great for things like swimming and water slides but aside from that it can get annoying quite fast. That is why you want your AC unit at your home in good working condition. One way to ensure that it is ready for the long summer is to have it inspected and repaired. With that being said there are still some things that can go wrong when you start using it that you need to know about. The unit should not be leaking any water at all. If it is that is a sign that you have a problem that will need to be repaired right away. If not the unit may stop working right away or it could cause more damage.

New Start Heating & Air Lists Reasons Your AC Unit Could Be Leaking Water

Air Conditioner Drain Pan Keeps Filling Up: There is a pan that is part of the air conditioning unit that is there to catch any condensation that your unit may be leaking. The water that comes off the unit will collect in this pan and if it becomes full the water can start to spill out causing water to collect around the outdoor unit. This should not occur and often means signs of a bigger problem. You can check this area out by looking under the unit and viewing the pan. You may also need to see if there is any damage to the pan that can be repaired or have the pan replaced all together.
Change Home Air Filters: The return air that is usually near the thermostat is outfitted with a filter. The filter is meant to be changed out and replaced often. Depending on the type of filter that you buy you may need to remove them and place a new one each month. When the filter is over saturated with debris the air is no longer able to move freely. That means the lines will start to freeze and cause condensation. This is an easy and quick fix. You simply need to get new filters and change out the old dirty ones.
AC Condensate Drain Line is Clogged: The most common reason that your AC will start to leak is from the condensate line that has become clogged. The line should remain open and free to help reduce water from moisture build up. Often this line is attached to a switch that will shut the unit off if the line is getting backed up. That means a very hot house while you wait for a repairman to come out and fix the problem. This is something that can be cleaned out and fixed when you have your unit inspected on a regular basis.

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