Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance & Inspection Checklist in Carrollton, GA

With air conditioning season in full swing, it is ideal to ensure the simple maintenance is performed to ensure the efficiency and overall condition of your unit. By taking care of your unit, you can reduce the need for repairs, maximize its full potential, and avoid paying more than necessary on your power bill. We at New Start Heating and Air have put together some basic air conditioning maintenance every homeowner should do.

Air Conditioner Preventive Maintenance Checklist

1. If you haven’t already, inspect the filters and if there is a need to replace, do so. Filters require year long maintenance at least every 90 days, but in homes that have multiple occupants, smokers, pets, and those with severe allergies, monthly inspections be practiced.
2. Check your outdoor air conditioning unit for clutter and dirt. There should be a minimum of two feet of clearance between structures and clutter to ensure proper air flow. Clear away any debris and vegetation and wipe down any dirt buildup.
3. Inspect the refrigerant lines for any signs of leaks, damage, or poor insulation. If you spot any leaks, get them repaired and replace any missing insulation at the connection points.
4. Invest in professional maintenance and tune-ups on your furnace by a licensed professional. When the furnace concludes, having trained professional run proper tune-ups can better prepare it for the dormant months and ensure it is up to par when the new season begins.
5. Check the thermostat and carbon monoxide detector batteries, as they usually need to be replaced once a year or more.
6. Inspect the home’s exterior and interior overall condition. You need to look for any places where the air can leak out through gaps, cracks, and holes, especially around doors, windows, and utility pipes. Make the necessary repairs if any fissures are found and replace or install weather stripping around the doors and windows if needed.
7. Professional HVAC system inspection is ideal to ensure the entire system is working in harmony, is energy efficient, and detects any signs of wear. Equipment is cleaned, lube applied where needed and if any parts are worn, they can be replaced. With a full assessment on every element of your HVAC system, problems can be avoided and your air conditioning can be operating at its full potential.
8. Consider upgrading and installing the different features that can improve the indoor air quality of your home. For example, switching to the recently developed high-efficiency pleated filters are designed with an electrostatic charge that works as a magnet to draw in and trap the tiniest of particles that can be known to carry bacteria and other contaminates. There are other products installed in the ducts and other components that attribute to the indoor air, especially useful for those that suffer from severe allergies.
9. Make the necessary adjustments to your programmable thermostats to reflect the average temperatures for the warmer seasons.

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