Can Rain & Other Weather Affect Your Air Conditioner Condenser Unit in Dallas, GA?

Some people might have concerns about the part of the air conditioning unit that is outside. The unit, called a condenser is a major part of the unit and how it functions. It is made to be tough and can withstand much more than you might think. The unit is manufactured to be outdoors knowing that there is weather that might not be perfect. No matter where you live you will encounter weather such as rain, snow, sun, wind and more. These are all types of weather that your unit is able to deal with.

New Start Heating & Air Explains How Your AC Condenser Unit is Able to Withstand Bad Weather

What Type of Weather Can Your AC Condenser Unit Deal With?: When you are dealing with weather, mother nature does not take your schedule into account. The weather can change from one day to the next and the manufacturer knows that. That is why the unit is made to take on the weather that is to come. The hot sun will heat up the casing but not cause damage. The parts that need to be covered and protected are just that. They are not exposed to the dry sun or the flooding from a storm. Snow and rain are also a type of weather that can seem to be dangerous to your unit that is often sitting on the ground. The great thing is your unit will be fine even if there is some flooding around the base. If you notice that there is more than a few inches you may need to shut off the unit until the water is lower. If you live in a place that has hail occasionally no need to worry. The hail will potentially cause some denting but no damage to the actual parts of the unit. If you experience severe weather you can still have the unit inspected to ensure that no repairs are needed.
You Can Buy an Exterior AC Condenser Cover: Although the unit is able to withstand the weather there are some people that choose to cover the exterior unit. You can buy these from the manufacturer and have it placed over the unit. You need to be sure that the cover is made for your unit. If it is not it can cause the unit to suffer and not allow the air that is necessary for the unit to work. If you use a tarp it can trap some moisture that will lead to mildew and mold to grow. If you want to use a cover be sure that you ask an HVAC professional for a recommendation so that you know you have a part that is used for that purpose.
Can Lightning & Electrical Storms Affect HVAC Units?: You don’t have to worry about weather for the most part. With that said there is one particular type of storm that could be a problem. If you ever experience an electrical storm you may need to turn off the unit and have it checked. The electrical storm can hit the unit which will cause a surge that can fry the wires that are used to send energy to the unit.

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