Outside Air Conditioner Unit Making Loud Buzzing or Squealing Noise in Carrollton, GA?

When you hear your car making a noise or your washing machine bumping in the laundry room, you stop what you’re doing and try and decipher it. You know that noise is usually a sign that there is a problem and will need to be attended to. The same thing goes for your air conditioning unit. The unit is made to work well and smoothly. When it is not working at an optimal level it will often make noise which should alert you that there is a potential problem. Keeping an eye on these noises and having them checked out by a professional HVAC company will help to prevent further damage to the unit.

New Start Heating & Air Lists Noises You Need to Have Inspected if Your HVAC Unit is Making Them

Air Compressor Making a High Pitch Squealing Noise: One of the noises you need to be aware of when dealing with your AC unit is if it is squeaking or squealing. These are noises that should not be occurring. If they are occurring, it means you could have damage that needs to be repaired right away. The most common reason that an AC unit will be making these noises is from a loose or damage fan belt. The fan is what is necessary for the unit to be cooled so that it can run efficiently. If the fan is not functioning the unit will not run and the blades will not be able to rotate. The belt is the cause of squeaking and squealing when the belt is stretched out. The belt can be replaced by a professional HVAC company. If it is not replaced the unit will not be efficient and the air will not be able to cool the house properly.
Air Conditioner Compressor Buzzing Noise: You may also walk outside to the unit and notice there is a distinct buzzing sound. This is not a sound to be taken lightly. There are two main reasons that your unit may have a buzzing sound. The easy and non-threatening issue is when a piece of debris is stuck in and around the unit causing it to vibrate. The easy fix is to remove the debris and see if the sound continues. The other problem is a more dangerous one. It is when there is a problem with the electrical wiring. The wiring needs to be repaired or replaced because otherwise it can be a fire hazard. Be sure to have your unit inspected by a professional.
AC Hissing Sound: Another sound that you might hear from your unit is hissing. This is a sound that also needs to be repaired because the sound means that you could have a leak. The most common area that your leak can come from is the refrigerant coils. These coils carry the coolant to the air so that it can be cooled down. The cooled air is then sent through your house. If the coil has a leak the coolant will be released and no longer helps to cool the air. You will notice the house will not cool down to the temperature that you want. The other leak can be in the air ducts. This is a repair that can be made in the attic space where the duct work is found.

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