Central AC Unit Not Cooling, Turning On or Working in Your Douglasville, GA House? Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Guide

The warm weather is here to stay and that means the unit needs to be on and running. The AC is necessary and when the air is cooled your home becomes an oasis from the hot summer weather. One of the worst things is when you come home from a hard day and the air conditioner is not working. The first thought that people have is that the unit has gone out and is dead. This is a scary thought since replacing your AC unit is not always a cost effective option. There is no need to panic because there are several other reasons that your AC unit can stop functioning.

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AC Unit Won’t Start But it Clicks: If you notice your AC unit will not turn on and there is not air coming out of the vents it does not mean that the unit is bad. There are two main reasons that your unit might not switch on as long as you can hear a clicking noise. The first might be a problem with the capacitor. The capacitor is a part of the unit that is usually outside your home along the side. It is basically the battery that helps the compressor start up. The unit needs more power when it starts then it does once it is running. You may need to have the capacitor recharged or that particular part replaced. The second problem can be the contactor. If you have a problem with the contactor your unit is not getting the information from the thermostat. It will tell the unit that the thermostat is out of temperature and it needs to start. When the contactor is damaged you may need to replace the part.
AC Unit is Not Turning On At All: If your unit has stopped working and you go out and check to find that there is no clicking there are other issues than mentioned above. The first and really the most common issue is that your unit is not getting any power. This can mean that your unit has tripped a breaker or the power is out at your home. You can reset the breaker but you still need to know why it occurred. The best way to do that is to hire an HVAC contractor that can come out and do an inspection. Another reason that your unit is not running is that the thermostat is set incorrectly. It always benefits to check the simple things too. Lastly you can check the condensation drain and overflow. Often times when the drain is clogged or damaged it can send the condensation that is has collected from your home to an overflow. The overflow should never have water coming out and when it does there is a problem. You can have the condensation drain cleaned out so the water has a place to go.

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