What Happens if You Don’t Change Clogged Air Filters in Your Carrollton, GA House? Frozen Coils, Short Cycling, Need for AC Repairs & More

Most homeowners frequently hear that changing or cleaning the air filter, depending on what type you have, is imperative. Some apply rule diligently where others completely dismiss the notion. But air filters are instrumental in ensuring the HVAC system operates efficiently.
1) AC Wear & Tear is Expedited: The air filters are not very big and can only collect so much of the dust and debris that gets trapped for so long before there is added wear. When it becomes too much for the air filters, the microbes, particulates, and other contaminants will settle on other surfaces within your home, including the other components of your HVAC system and contribute to the clogging of the air ducts. The granules that work their way into the moving parts will dry out the lubricants and break down moving parts, causing the units and system to need repairs. By simply cleaning or replacing your air filters on regular basis, you significantly increase the overall condition and longevity of your HVAC system and appliances.
2) Inefficiency of the AC System: Postponing the maintenance of your air filters increases the cost of your system. Dirty filters cause air flow restriction, forcing the system and appliances to compensate, putting extra strain on the system and costing you more in increased utility charges. A major sign that the system is not operating at its full potential is cold and hot spots throughout the building. Due to the buildup on the air filter, coils are frozen and other circumstances can occur causing the system to perform poorly. Clean air filters ensure smooth and efficiently operation.
3) AC Short Cycling: Your air conditioner is designed to cycle on and off when it is needed throughout the day. Dirty air filters influence the air conditioners steady operating systems causing the cycling to occur far more frequently than needed. Wasted energy you paid for, uncomfortable conditions in the home, and additional pollution caused by frequent cycles is the byproduct of this event, which can be easily avoided with monthly air filter maintenance.
4) Frozen AC Coils: Coils can easily be frozen because of clogged filters. The filters are designed to retain the floating debris that is in the air while still allowing adequate air to flow. When the air filter is too compacted with buildup the air flow is more restricted. The coils will eventually freeze up when the air filters prevent adequate air flow; when they are not able to perform their function, the air conditioner cannot operate appropriately.
5) Indoor Air Quality: Air filters collect dust and allergens including pollen, dust mites, pet dander, fur, and other such substances that induce allergy symptoms or asthma attacks. With the growing awareness concerning the indoor air quality, keeping on top of the maintenance of the air filters can improve the indoor air quality; beneficial especially for those who have respiratory issues including asthma and allergies.

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