Interesting Air Conditioning Facts & Information

As the temperature heats up this summer you can be sure that people are doing what they can to stay cool. There are lots of activities and places to spend your time to keep from overheating. Lots of people spend time at lakes, pools and around water to rinse and cool off. Other places are where they keep the AC turned down. You can control the temperature in your own house and can keep it feeling good..

New Start Heating & Air has prepared some air conditioning facts that may not keep you cool, but will at least give you something to talk about:

Movie Theaters – Did you know that the movie theater was one of the first businesses that used air conditioning to cool down the building? They wanted to keep their patrons coming, even during the hot summer months and the only way was to begin using air conditioning. That is where the term ‘Summer Blockbuster‘ started; the theater would release new movies in the the summer where it was hot outside but cool in the theater.

Medications – Did you realize that some medications wouldn’t exist without air conditioning? When scientists started testing some medications they realized that they would not hold up under warm temperatures. Once they were able to work in a cooler environment they were able to make technological advancements in medication that have saved countless lives!

First Air Conditioner – You may be surprised to know the first air conditioner was invented in 1902. The invention of the first air conditioner was by a worker at a publishing company named Willis Carrier. He was looking for a way to stop the paper from expanding and he needed a way to allow the ink to dry faster so it would not leak.

Architecture – Did you know that architecture changed when air conditioning was invented? Before there was air conditioning, architecture of homes and buildings were designed with walkways and breezeways in them. They also had high ceilings to allow air to flow through easier. When air conditioning was invented, the type of home and buildings began to change. It was easier to cool the home down with ceilings that were lower and rooms that were not open as much.

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