The Meaning of Air Conditioning SEER Ratings & Requirements in Newnan Georgia

There are a few terms that Air Conditioning technicians will probably use that you have no idea what they mean. There are a few of these terms you should be familiar with, and what they are for, to help save you money and energy. Most people know some of the well-known terms when it comes to their A/C, such as thermostat, AC unit and vents. But these terms are not very helpful when you are looking at a major repair or replacement. Most technicians are very helpful and will do their best to explain to you what you need and why, but having some knowledge can help you know what you should be asking and help you decipher what is being said.

New Start Heating & Air Conditioning has come up with a few terms that we think you should know about

Most people don’t pay much attention to their air conditioning unit except when they are switching from heating to cooling or when there is a problem and it stops working. Knowing about these few terms will be what can save you money on repairs and on your energy bill.

SEER: This is a term that means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This just means it is what measures the systems efficiency. If you want to save money and waste less energy then you want the most efficient option for your home. The units that are being produced today are required to have a 13 SEER rating. The higher the rating the better the efficiency is. Some older models were rated at a 6, so the law is making sure that units are appropriately efficient. When looking into a new unit you should ask what the rating is and if it is over a 16 you can be ready to save over $400 a year on energy costs.

Modulation: This is a great addition to the production of AC units. Modulation allows the unit to use a variable speed when heating or cooling. This means that it can adjust how much energy it needed at any given moment. When it switches to less energy use, it will show up as savings on your electric bill. A modulated unit can also help with the amount of humidity in a home. The humidity takes a toll on the unit and the temperature in the house. If you can keep the humidity low you can set the temperature lower and it will still feel comfortable.

Professional Air Conditioning Replacement in Newnan GA

When you call for a new unit make sure that you ask about these two factors and make sure the technician knows that they are important to you. New Start Heating & Air Conditioning provides expert heating and cooling services in Newnan, Dallas, Carrollton, Douglasville and Atlanta Georgia.

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