Air Conditioning Preparation for Fall in Carrolton Georgia

The fall is a great time of year that the weather is usually pretty nice and people can spend more time outdoors. The weather cools off and the leaves change color and that is the start of the season. There are many things that are done during this time of year like working in the garden and packing up summer equipment. You also need to take time to make sure that your home and air conditioning unit is ready for the weather change. There are several things that you can do to make sure that your unit is working efficiently for this fall season.

New Start Heating and Air Conditioning has prepared a list of things that you should do to prepare your air conditioner for fall.

Wash it off: If you are like most people then you have a unit or two placed on the outside of your home somewhere. They are exposed to weather and dirt all year long and just like pretty much everything; they look and work better when they is clean. This is a great time of year to wash them off. You want to make sure that you turn all the power to the units off before you start this process. Then you should turn on the hose and spray the unit off and rinse off any dirt and debris that is on the unit. When you are done make sure that it is completely dry before you power it back on.

Cover Pipes: The fall weather is usually wonderful and most people are not thinking about the upcoming freeze, but now is the time to prepare. If your unit is outdoors then you probably have some pipes that are exposed to the cold weather. These pipes are best kept covered. This can be done by adding a layer of foam padding to the pipe. You can adhere it with some duct tape or other adhesive tape that you have. This will keep them from freezing when the winter hits.

Change the Filters: If you have a unit then you should already be changing the filters on a regular basis. This is what allows the air to flow through the return and back into your home at the temperature that you choose. A filter that is dirty and full of dust restricts the amount of air and will cause you to run more often than necessary. When you are changing from cooling to heating this is a definite time to change out the filters.

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