Checklist to Prepare Fireplace Furnace for Winter in Douglasville Georgia

The stifling heat that summer brought is finally coming to an end and more comfortable temperatures are happily being welcomed by everyone. While fall temperatures are enjoyable and provide the environment for great outdoor activities like a back yard football game or a nice evening walk, winter is not far around the corner. While cold temperatures may seem refreshing at the moment, they may not feel so when your furnace fails to work properly and you are unable to keep your home properly heated. A cold winter without heat can be just as miserable as a hot summer with the air conditioning working. Making sure your heater is ready to keep your home warm before the cold weather arrives is a great way to ensure your family’s comfort this winter.

Furnace Inspection Checklist

Inspecting your furnace before extreme temperatures arrive is a great way to prepare for winter. One of the most important parts of your furnace to inspect is the filter. A dirty or clogged filter can greatly affect the efficiency of your heater. A clogged filter restricts the flow of the heated air from your furnace causing it to work harder and deliver less heat into your home. Checking and changing your filters should be done on a regular basis. Experts suggest changing your filter once every month to produce the most efficient results from your furnace.

Checking Blower Belt & Oiling the Blower Motor

Checking the blower belt and oiling the blower motor will also ensure a high level of efficiency from your furnace. Loose belts can actually increase furnace operating time. If a belt appears to be frayed, cracked or extremely dried out looking, then replace the belt immediately. Two or three drops of oil to the motor will keep it running smoothly, however, if you have a sealed blower motor then no lubrication is required. Check your owner manual to determine whether or not adding oil is a necessary step to take in the maintenance of your furnace.

Inspecting & Opening Air Vents

Inspecting the interior of your home will also help your furnace produce the highest level of results. Be sure to check every vent in every room. Any vent that is closed be sure to open it. Make sure that no vents are covered by furniture, boxes or clutter. Vents should be open and the air should be able to flow freely through them, providing your home with warm air in every room evenly.

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