How to Use Energy More Efficiently when Heating & Cooling your Newnan Georgia Home

Your air conditioning unit is used every day and uses most of the energy that you pay for every month. Unfortunately, you can purchase a unit that is energy efficient and still be wasting energy. If you don’t have some minor things done at your home you could be wasting money.

New Start Heating and Air Conditioning has some tips that could help save you money and conserve energy in your heating and cooling.

Window Coverings: One way that heat is allowed into a home is through the windows. When the window is not covered and the sunlight is entering in, it is causing everything that it touches to become hot as well. This can warm up a room so that it is uncomfortable if you are trying to cool it off. The blinds and windows will cover them and stop the sunlight from getting inside. Take time to not only install blinds and drapes but also to be sure that they are being used – especially during the hottest parts of the year.

Weather Stripping: There is a layer of rubber that works like a gasket around the windows and the doors. It seals them from the air outside and helps to keep the inside of the house at the temperature that you want. Just like any other rubber when left for too long, it can start to dry out and crack. If this happens then the rubber can get torn away and that leaves the air to freely escape in or out. If you go and check your weather stripping to find that they are in need of replacement then you can repair them. Go to any home improvement store and purchase weather stripping and add it to your windows are doors. This will stop the air from leaking out or in and help to keep the home whatever temperature you desire.

Filters: A filter is used as a barrier from the air conditioning unit and the house. The unit circulates that air and cools or heats it. It will pass through a vent that is called a return air. The return air is always started with a filter that is placed to catch debris. If you leave the filter unchanged and the dirt and debris builds up it could be stopping the amount of air that flows through. This also means that the unit has to work harder to move more air into the home which also means that it is running longer. In turn you will notice it on your next power bill. When replacing the filter make sure that you purchase the size that fits your return. There are many sizes so be sure to get the correct one.

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