Home Central AC Blowing Hot or Warm Air in Atlanta, GA? Check Thermostat Setting, If Outside Condenser is Clogged & More

If you are like many other Americans you have some sort of air conditioning unit that is used to cool down your home. The air conditioning is used to keep our homes cool and comfortable in the hot summer months. We have become accustomed to the nice temperatures in our homes and when it does not work right it can be a real pain. There are several months a year that seem to be unbearable to sit through without using the air conditioner. You want to be sure that you do what you can to keep the unit working correctly. The best way to do that is to ensure that the unit is maintained properly and the repairs are done right away. These are great ways to prevent many of the major issues that might otherwise occur. One thing you never want to have your AC unit doing is blowing warm or heated air into your home. It will run thinking that it is cooling when in fact it is just getting hotter and hotter in your residence. There are several issues if this happens to you but you want to know what it is causing it.

New Start Heating & Cooling Lists Reasons Your AC Unit is Blowing Warm Or Hot Air

Have You Checked the Thermostat Setting: This seems like a silly question to ask but it is necessary. You need to be sure that you start with the most simple options first. This means the thermostat and the settings need to be double checked. Occasionally the setting might be switched from cool to heat and that is why the air is heated. The other setting that has be looked at is the setting for the fan. The fan can be set to auto or it can be set to on. When the setting is turned to on the fan will blow constantly whether the home is being cooled or heated. The problem when you set it to on is that the air that can come out when it is not cooling can feel a bit warm. The warmth still circulates through the house which is good for air quality but can make the air feel warm. The better option is to set the fan to auto and it will switch on only when necessary.
Outside Condenser is Clogged: The air conditioning unit that you use in your home works with two main parts. They are both necessary to remove the heated air from your home and circulate in the cooler air. When the unit that is outside the house has some debris that is built up around it the air flow can be restricted. The air then cannot circulate the heat out of the house and that means that the air will stay warm in the house. The air that circulates will be warm coming out of the vents. You want to check for leaves, paper and other plants that might be obstructing the area.

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