Most Common Reasons Your AC Unit Is Making Loud Buzzing, Hissing or Screeching Noises When Starting or Stopping in Dallas, GA

It is still air conditioning weather and the problems with air conditioning units are still happening. The summer months bring on many AC problems that keep HVAC contractors busy and out on calls all day long. Most people are not willing to wait too long to have their air fixed since the summer can get so hot. If you want to be comfortable, you need to know that your unit is working properly and is maintained as well. One of the many complaints that our air conditioning technicians get is when the AC unit makes too much noise.

New Start Heating & Cooling Lists the Most Common Reasons Your Air Conditioning Unit is Making Buzzing, Hissing, Screeching or Other Noises When Starting or Stopping

Is Your AC Hissing with No Cold Air: If you notice that when the air conditioning unit turns on there is a loud hissing sound coming from the unit, you could have a problem. The sound will be coming from the unit outside the home and the noise will most likely only last about 15 seconds. The reason for the noise is most often due to too much pressure that is built up and that causes the compressor to make the hissing noise. This is a problem that will require you to contact an AC contractor right away. If there is too much pressure building it can be dangerous and can lead to more intensive and expensive problems.
Is Your A/C Unit Making A Knocking Sound: If your AC is running on the cool setting and the unit outside is making a sound that seems like someone is knocking or banging on it, there could be an issue. You can turn the setting to fan only and see if the noise persists. If it stops you are most likely having a problem with a foreign object that is inside the unit and the fan is hitting it. It can also be from a piece of the unit that is fallen off or is loose. If you think that your unit is making this noise you need to turn it off and call an AC repairman right away. Leaving it running can end up causing more damage to the unit.
Is Your AC Unit Making a Screeching Noise?: If your AC unit turns on and there is a loud screeching sound that is similar to metal scrapping you most likely have a problem with the fan motor. The sound will continue to go on until the unit shuts off. The fan motor is going to need to be replaced but you can allow the unit to run with the noise if you must. There is no way around the replacement so you will need to make an appointment to have it looked at and fixed by a professional HVAC Company.
Your Unit Clicks But Doesn’t Start: If you go to turn on the AC unit and it will not turn on but just makes a clicking noise you need to have a professional look at it. You will be stuck without the unit working and living in the hot weather. If you notice this problem you most likely have an electrical problem that is causing the unit to not start up. The problem can be as easy as a bad thermostat or a bigger issue such as a faulty compressor.

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